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Foundations of UNIFIN Group of Companies have been laid in 1994.

UNIFIN Group of Companies incorporates:

I. Backbone Audit Companies:

  • JSC "UNIFIN LTD" (registered by MRC on 16.12.96) - management company of the Group, Brand-Company, consulting and audit entity;

  • JSC "Audit Company PARTNER-AUDIT" (registered by MRC on 17.04.98) - audit and consulting company.

II. Outsourcing companies engaged in rendering of specific services of the entire cycle of business audit service operations on a permanent basis (business and assets valuation, accounting, personnel outsourcing, etc.):

  • JSC "UNICOUNT" (registered by Interregional Inspection of Federal Tax and Revenue Service for Moscow No. 46 on 22.08.05) - record and book keeping services, establishing restoring and maintenance of accounting operations, tax, personnel and other accounting.

In terms of its assets, as well as from professional and business standpoints the UNIFIN Group is completely autonomous and entirely independent from any governmental, commercial, social, political structures and/or associations thereof. Companies of the Group, as well as the founders and managements are not affiliated with any third legal entities.

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Публикации Вопрос-ответ Наши обзоры Арбитражные вести Форум

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