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Nowadays, more and more Russian companies produce financial reports according to IFRS. Mainly these are the companies whose objective is to attract investments or the ones where some of founders and partners are foreign companies.

Our experts develop target system of composing the financial reports considering changes in IFRS and tendencies of the company’s operations.
Our clients are offered seminars on topical questions in IFRS that involve highly qualified speakers such as professors, successful experts working for audit and consulting companies, etc. We also provide help in preparation for ACCA exam.

Our employees are high-class specialists. Many of them have various certificates and diplomas in IFRS (DipIFR, CAP). They not only carry out practical activities, but also teaching activities after passing additional educational programs in IFRS for teachers (Tacis, Accounting Reform II). Our employees are also authors of many scientific articles.

We offer our clients a full spectrum of services in the field of IFRS, including

• compilation of the financial reports according to IFRS;
• transformation of the Rrussian financial reports into IFRS reports;
• consultation and methodological support for the composition of the financial reports according to IFRS;
• audit of IFRS financial reports according to the international standards of audit;
• developing the methodology of accounting and report compilation according to IFRS (an accounting policy, a set of accounts, a card of postings, corporate standards of account on separate operations and instructions on transformation and consolidation).

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Публикации Вопрос-ответ Наши обзоры Арбитражные вести Форум

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